1 August 2009

Volvic - Touch of Apple [Limited Edition] (WH Smiths)

According to the label this is a Limited Edition flavour of Volvic, but they are requesting feedback to find out if purchasers like it. This leads me in to believing that if this variety is well received they may reconsider its 'Limited Edition' status.
I always think the idea of taking lovely fresh mineral water and adding sugar, flavourings, and preservatives to it is a strange idea. Surely adding all the extra stuff negates the whole mineral water ideal? This Volvic contains 17% of an adult’s recommended daily amount of sugar in 500ml.
The aroma from the bottle worried as there is quite a strong smell of apple. Thankfully this was milder when I tasted the drink. The flavour is, I think, that of Granny Smith apples as it has a tart edge to it. Over-all the drink is refreshing and has a crisp fresh taste. I suspect people who like the strawberry or lemon and lime variety will really enjoy this apple flavour too, as it is of a similar strength in taste. I would love to know what anyone else who has tried it thinks?


Unknown said...

I really like the strawberry volvic but I thought this flavour was not nice at all. I was too bitter for my tastes, i normally enjoy apple flavoured items but tis particular product just didn't do the business. I would not by it again.

cinabar said...

In general I think we don't get enough apple flavour products.
This one has a quite a harsh taste, I too prefer the softer sweeter apple flavours.

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew where to find some!! I LOVED IT in Germany