24 August 2009

Korean Mushroom Biscuits (International Shop, Birmingham University)

I’m sure this packet of biscuits has a proper name and brand, but I have to hold up my hands and say – I don’t speak Korean. To the best of my knowledge, these biscuits don’t contain mushrooms either, but from the shape and packet design that’s what I decided to call them.
I realised when I opened the pack that this biscuits were actually the other way up. Let me explain, look at the picture, imagine the ‘mushrooms’ the other way up then think KP Choc Dips. Now imagine the biscuit from KP Choc Dip sticks shrunk down and pre dipped in chocolate. Actually KP Choc Dips are a good comparison as the biscuit is almost the same as the ones in this pack. The chocolate is obviously a bit more solid than in the KP product, but it just as milky and sweet. I have to say I absolutely loved these biscuits, they taste great and the idea of the mushrooms is really cute!


Dreich said...

I think you're supposed to not eat brightly coloured mushrooms, not sure if that applies to boxes though.

They look rather strange, mushroom shaped food doesn't sound appealing.

NLi10 said...

Hate Mushrooms, love these. Very moorish and easy to eat.

I got a cool JP style sticker in my first box, but not my 2nd. Odd.

cinabar said...

NLi10 - These are some of my favourite import biscuits, even though I didn't get a sticker either. :-(