14 August 2009

KitKat Caramel Chunky (WH Smiths)

Well I’ve finally found myself a KitKat Caramel Chunky, which I've been searching for a week or so for. This product should not be confused with KitKat Caramel (the flat version) which I wrote about a little while ago, which has caramel flavoured chocolate rather than any substantive caramel.
I have to be open, and explain that before I take my first bite, I have mixed emotions about this bar. I have the usual excitement that I always have when finding a new product, but I have disappointment too as this is the bar that will be replacing KitKat Peanut Butter Chunky (my current favourite bar).
Opening the pack I was surprised by the lack of caramel smell. On tucking in I was also expecting to find a lovely layer of gooey caramel, but there was none present. Instead there is a caramel paste, of a similar colour and texture to that of peanut butter - oddly enough. The paste had a nice caramel flavour, but it wasn't very strong. It did go well with the rest of the chocolate and wafer flavours though. In fact the bar was perfectly nice. That's it though, not exciting, not anything amazingly different - but nice. A pleasant bar, but it doesn't live up to the magic of the peanut butter variety which it is replacing.


Dreich said...

I had one of these yesterday, I wasn't overly keen on it but it's a fine tasting bar.

cinabar said...

Yes I know what you mean... the bar seems to have got 'nice' covered. I think it is missing that wow factor though.