20 August 2009

Snack A Jacks – Berry Flavour (Boots)

To be honest I’m not a regular purchaser of Snack A Jacks, but the shiny ‘New’ label on the front of the packet caught my eye while queuing in Boots.
Smelling the bag I thought the contents smelt really nice, a mix of strawberry and blueberry in aroma and rather sweet. I didn’t think they looked very appetising though with their pink and yellow speckles in the corn snack. For some reason the strange colourings made them look rather artificial to me.
I wasn’t too impressed taste wise either. Despite the lovely smell, the flavour was really quite minimal. I thought that although they were sweet with that popcorn like taste they were also only vaguely fruity. This product is by no means offensive, but it is a long way off full marks from me.


  1. Seems very odd to get a sweet flavoured savoury snack in my eyes. The packaging looks very feminine.

  2. I have heard of Snack a Jacks before, but never knew what they were (and now i do).
    Sweet flavored rice/corn cakes in the US are popular - caramel, cinnamon apple, chocolate.

  3. These intrigue me, although not enough to try them out so far. Sweet Sanck a Jacks seem a bit odd to me

  4. I think I've seen the caramel here in the UK - but to me sweet snack a jacks just don't work... which is odd, as I'm not that big a fan of salty popcorn!

  5. I've tried these. I really liked the smell, which I didn't think was very "berry" like, but was rather sweet. I can't say I liked them very much though, the sweetness of them doesn't really work and they were too crunchy for my taste.

    (Also, just wanted to say, this is a really good blog, but reading it makes me starving! :P)

  6. Rach - these reminded me of my experiences with fruit tea... they smell rather nice, but the actual flavour is a bit disappointing.
    PS Really pleased to hear you are enjoying the blog :-)


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