13 August 2009

KOKO by Cadbury (Sainsbury’s)

Can I just say that I think these are beautifully packaged. With their sweet pink and brown packet and ribbon handle they really would make a lovely gift. I bought them just for me though, and so that I could write about them here of course!
They are a box of Cadbury’s truffles, all milk chocolate flavoured. They are individually wrapped firstly in a plain metallic paper then coated in a shiny branded brown ‘Koko’ wrapper. This does give them an expensive fell like they are something a bit special. The chocolates do have a distinctly Cadbury’s flavour, the coating taste like Dairy Milk as it is creamy sweet milk chocolate, and it has a decent thickness to. The truffle inside is also a sweet milk chocolate flavour, and is very smooth and silky in texture. Each bite provides a lovely sensation of sweet delicious chocolate truffle that it would be hard to dislike. Admittedly they are not the most adventurous new product on the market, but they are the sort of item that is tasty but safe and as such they make an excellent addition to Cadbury’s gifts range.


DavidH said...

Tried these today, thought they were gorgeous. The packaging reminded me of something Mars would probably bring our for their Galaxy brand. Found them in a large Superdrug store by the way.

cinabar said...

They are rather yummy - you just can't go wrong with these truffles!