29 August 2009

Duff Energy Drink (Cybercandy)

On a similar theme to the Domo Attack energy drink, this is another energy drink with a TV tie in. This one links in with The Simpsons, and mimics the TV show’s Duff Beer. Of course this drink is a non alcoholic version, and doesn’t even mention beer on the can! Actually there isn’t much to indicate what the expected flavour might be either, but I do like a surprise!
The drink has a strong but pleasant citrus smell. It is quite difficult to describe the flavour, but I will do my best. It is like weak orangeade in taste, which has an aftertaste of a strong but nonspecific sweetness. This aftertaste is quite sharp, and seems to stay on the tongue for quite some time. The drink is quite pleasant and gets better the more you get used to the flavour, but I like it mostly for the packaging!

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