4 August 2009

Mounds (Cybercandy) vs Bounty (WH Smiths)

Well I still have a decent stash of goodies from my London trip and visit to Cybercandy, so I thought it was about time I tucked into another product. This one reminded me so much of a Bounty bar, that I thought I would do a direct comparison.
Both bars are split into two smaller bars, and visually the Mounds bar has the darker chocolate. The Mounds bar is much softer than the Bounty, the bar was so soft it actually had some cardboard inside the plastic wrapper to support and protect it. The centre of the Mounds is more buttery in flavour and does not quite have as strong a taste of coconut as the Bounty.
I think the Bounty had stronger tasting chocolate too, despite the slightly lighter colour. I prefer the meatiness of a firmer bar and the defined coconut flavour, so I have to declare Bounty the winner!

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