19 August 2009

Mangajo - Goji Berry and Green Tea (Waitrose)

The name of this product really caught my eye, mainly as it is such a strange name. It is not a brand I seemed to be able to keep in my head, or decide how to pronounce - Mangajo. ‘Manga-joe’? ‘Man-gahjoe’?
I also wasn’t sure what Goji berries taste like, and was keen to find out, as I think I have some growing at the bottom of the garden but have never tried them!
The drink is lovely and sweet and tastes very natural and refreshing. It has a lovely sweet honey flavour and the main fruit was almost like peach in taste. I am not sure what makes the Goji berry a 'super berry', or what the health benefits really are, but I can tell you one thing and that is that the drink tastes good.

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