16 August 2009

Fridge Raiders (Tesco)

So Spectre asked me if I had ever tried Fridge Raiders before, when I said no he decided to rectify this and bought some of each flavour! I had no idea there were so many different varieties, and was keen to tuck in. The basic idea of the product is that they are a bag of bite size cooked chicken pieces which various added spices.

Roast – a really nice wholesome taste, that lets the full ‘fresh chicken’ flavour shine through.

Tikka – a warm mild spice, with a gentle tomato edge, lovely.

Southern Fried – again this one had a mild spice with a nice mix of pepper and paprika.

Chinese Spare Ribs – Quite mild in flavour, slightly sweet with a bit of a tang.

Barbeque – This tasted like good barbecue sauce, smoky and sweet.

Limited Editon: Hot & Spicy – I have to admit this was hotter than the others in the range, but I think I would still call it medium spice. The product is very nice with good flavour and it did leave a nice tang in the mouth.

I was impressed by the quality and concept of Fridge Raiders. I actually thought the idea for the product was genius when I tried it, the chicken is lovely and moist and full of flavour and very fresh. All the flavours were well put together and each met the description and expectations on the pack. I have to say these would easily satisfy those snacking moments when it just has to be something savoury!


Dreich said...

I love these, I really love savoury food and crisps aren't particularly healthy so being able to buy a packet of chicken is awesome. I'm not keen on the spare rib or bbq flavours but the others are great. I've also found they're handy for putting on bland pizzas.

NLi10 said...

Like mini Frikadeln I guess - but with less veg.

Brilliant for minions if you have any. (kids that is)

Unknown said...

Yum I love fridge raiders as well and often have them!

This is a request that you might not want to do!? Pot Noodle Kebab??

Even if you don't eat it all it would be good to see what you think of it! Its only 65p after all!


cinabar said...

NLi10 - Yep, this one is pure meat - not one for the veggies.

Jim - Pot Noodle Kebab? For you, I will look out for a pot..! :-D

cinabar said...

Dreich - I do love snackfoods that are tasty, but also relatively healthy too. The product is just genius!
The pizza idea is really good, probably much better for me than ading extra cheese instead! ;-)

Emily said...

Ha ha! My boyfriend calls these 'dirty' foods cos he loves them but they are made of reconstituted stuff!

cinabar said...

Emily - lol - they are so tasty though, he's right!!!!

DavidH said...

Must admit I only buy these when they are on a half-price offer or similar - which seems to be about 50% of the time.

Like all the flavours and the new Hot & Spicy ones aren't bad at all, a welcome change from eating a bag of crisps (or two).