18 August 2009

Gavottes – Crepe Chocolat Noir (Waitrose)

Before I begin I should point out that despite the reference in the name to pancakes, this product sits firmly in the biscuit section. It is a very thin wafer style biscuit, folded to look like a pancake and given a generous coating of dark chocolate.
The chocolate is of a very good quality, with a strong cocoa taste but still sweet. It thickly coats each biscuit, particularly at each end. The biscuit it is covering is thin and brittle and lightly crunches in the mouth. The whole item only lasts seconds as the flavours mingle and then melt away. I think these may well be biscuits for people who don’t like biscuits, as chocolate is the major ingredient! They are just so easy to eat and so very moreish, I’m not sure where the rest of the packet went?


Anonymous said...

DO you know where to buy these in the USA?

cinabar said...

Sorry I'm not sure, I bought them in the UK. I hope you find some.