15 August 2009

Shaken Udder - Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake [Shake the Cake] (Waitrose)

Many milkshakes I have tried and purchased in the past are made with skimmed milk and then thickened. I found it unusual to find a company that went straight for the full fat milk. When I tried this drink though, I could immediately see why they did. It isn’t too thick in texture, but the taste is wonderfully creamy, and easy to drink. It is refreshingly different to some of the big brand shakes, and feels more like a milkshake should, light and clean.
I choose this flavour as it seemed the most interesting of those in the range (there is also a chocolate, a banana, and a regular strawberry available). In flavour there are too distinct layers, a lovely natural strawberry taste and a creamy biscuit flavour too. It isn’t overly sweet and is well balanced. The flavour could have just as easily been ‘Jammy dodger’ though as I couldn’t pick up much on the cheese flavour. Having said that I did thoroughly enjoy this shake, and hope they release a few more interesting flavour to the range!


Dreich said...

Is there any small biscuity texture to add a bit of bite? I guess it'd be like melting haagen dazs ice crea, if it were (which would be lovely)

cinabar said...

No the milkshake is very smooth - interesting idea though, could work, so long as the crumbs are little enough to go up a straw!