21 August 2009

Percol Percola Cola (Waitrose)

Percol are a brand usually associated with fair-trade coffee, but seem to have expanded their range to include this cola drink. Like their coffee this cola has the fair-trade label, and is a dark brown caffeinated drink! The label actually states that excluding the water it contains 98% fair-trade products, which I think means the sugar!
Talking of the label, by the time I came to drink this item I noticed it was shedding colour. I had bits of red stuck to my hands. I assume this is due to the damp from condensation after it being in the fridge - bit it does says 'best served ice cold'.
This cola is not as tangy as some natural colas which tend to be zingy like cola bottle sweets. It is mellow in taste, which I found I quite liked. I was surprised by how nice the lighter flavour was as I do usually prefer the stronger tastes however this rather palatable. A really nice drink, perfect for those looking for a more easy going cola flavour.
P.S. The name made me smile.

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