6 August 2009

Kitkat Cookies and Cream (Cybercandy)

In the UK it seems that we don’t get that many interesting flavours of KitKat, and indeed when we get a new flavour, another seems to go. I talk of course of the news that KitKat Peanut Butter is being replaced by KitKat Caramel. This is a great loss to me as I just love peanut butter and chocolate, and there are so few UK bars with this combination.
To cheer myself up I decided to see what flavours of KitKat are available elsewhere in the world, and found this Cookies and Cream variety in my stash from Cybercandy. Instead of wafer in this bar, there is a lovely crunchy layer of dark biscuit, topped with a tasty creamy fondant that adds mellowness both in flavour and texture.
The chocolate, biscuit and cream layer work really well together, and as the biscuit is quite firm, the bar has a lovely substantial feel to it. A really well put together bar that will appeal to those fancying some chocolate coated biscuits as much as those wanting a proper bar.

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