22 August 2009

Smint Xtra Strong Mint (Boots)

As someone who has frequently purchased the Smints in the blue packet, I was surprised to find this item on the shelves. I say that as I am someone who thinks that regular Smints are already quite strong! However who am I to resist a new product on the shelves!
The mints themselves are indeed stronger than regular Smints, but not in the overwhelming way I feared. My taste buds felt they were about 30% stronger than a regular Smint, and to be fair anymore would be overpowering! They seems to last longer in the mouth though and the refreshing flavour lingered on more than a regular Smint would have. They must have some strength to them though; I noticed that if you let them sit on the tongue in one place they had a tendency to tingle! Don’t be put off by the ‘Xtra Strong’ terminology these are lovely strong mints!

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