10 August 2009

Jordan’s Original Butterscotch Crunchy Oat Bars (Waitrose)

The texture of these bars is the same as it is with all the Jordan’s bars. They are indeed very crunchy and very brittle, and this is their selling point. I have to confess that this isn’t my favourite texture for a cereal bar but there are obviously fans. It also means that when you bite in they are rather crumbly and messy to eat!
In flavour thought the bars are lovely. The butterscotch taste is very nice, sweet and with lovely hints of caramel. This kind of flavour mixes well with the wholesome taste of oats and really works. If you like the Jordan’s range or like the idea of a crunchy bar then I suspect you will love this new flavour in the range.


Dreich said...

Doesn't sound particularly healthy though. I never actually looked at the amount of sugar in my breakfast cereal until the other day ( crunchy nut cornflakes) I just automatically assumed Breakfast = good for you but I was very wrong.

cinabar said...

It is true. Did you see this article in the Guardian?
(You will need to cut and paste)


Dreich said...

Ah no I didn't see that, don't read the guardian, funnily enough though, I did my own " research" about cereals on my blog today.