11 August 2009

Hazelnut Snickers (Poundland)

Having made quite a few good discoveries like the Mars Midnight and the Twix Cappuccino, I now feel obliged to sneak a peek whenever I pass a pound store to see what I find. Yet again this paid off for me when I discovered Hazelnut Snickers on the shelf!
When I tried this bar I was a little surprised to taste peanuts. Don’t get me wrong, I love peanuts, but as the bar is a hazelnut edition I just thought it mean a straight swap with those and the peanuts. As it turns out this bars seems to be a mix of peanuts and hazelnuts which actually worked really well, I just wasn’t expecting it. The hazelnut pieces are cut into decent sized pieces and this flavour mixes with the saltier peanut taste. The bar seemed really substantial and filling and I did grow to love the nut combination. Nut fans definitely needs to seek this one out!

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