28 August 2009

Cadbury's Brunch Munch [Oat & Apricot] (Sainsbury's)

This is another product to add to the ever so confusingly named snack products from Cadburys that are out at the moment. So to summarise Cadbury's Brunch Bakes and Cadbury's Brunch Breaks have Cadbury's Brunch Munch joining them.
Similarly to quite a few products I've written about recently this comes in a bag, but this one’s not for sharing! Well there is no rule sating you can't, but the bag is small enough for one. Inside the pack are mini square biscuits coated in chocolate. Each one is lovely and wheaty, and the apricot shines through. The texture of the biscuits is quite varied from the grains which give them a lovely rustic feel. All the flavours work really well with the chocolate, and the whole thing makes for a lovely snack, or lunch box accompaniment.

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