2 August 2009

Honey Monster - Banana Puffs [Limited Edition] (Waitrose)

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I think that there are two camps of people, those who love banana flavoured products and those who hate them. I happen to be one of the people who think bananas are great, and banana flavoured products are aces.
So when I saw that Sugar Puffs were making a limited edition banana flavour special, I got rather excited! I bought some, poured on some cold milk and tucked in. My first discovery was that the honey flavour was still present and made for a rather yummy banana honey flavour cereal. They are sweet, but they are not overly strong. My warning though, you need to love banana flavours and be able to handle that flavour first thing. Thankfully I’ve got that covered and loved them!


Dreich said...

I love the taste of bananas unless they're overly ripe, strange habit of not touching any banana which has any hint of brown on the skin and thus eat unripe bananas which probably isn't great. However I don't like the taste of banana flavoured products which is strange, I never seem to taste the same flavour as what I get with a real banana.

cinabar said...

I just love over ripe bananas... the ones that are really brown on the outside and SO sweet on the in... mmmm... think I might be on my own with this though? :-D