30 August 2009

100* Light and Wispy Choco Crispy (WH Smiths)

I found this product in WH Smiths with a few other items from the same range. It caught my attention as it wasn’t from a make I had seen before. The concept of the range, and the reasoning behind the name, is that every item in it has just 100 calories. This doesn’t mean to say that the items are low calorie particularly, but it is all about portion control.
There isn’t much of a description on the bar as to what the contents might be and the reference to ‘wispy’ in the name made me think it would have a Milky Way style filling. As it happens I was surprised to find rice crispies! The crispsies are coated in something sweet and sticky, and then part coated in milk chocolate. To be honest, I purchased this as a ‘chocolate bar’ and was disappointed to find that there wasn’t as much chocolate as I would have liked inside the pack. Having said that, the bar was sweet, tasty, and had a good crunchy texture. At just 100 calories, I really can’t complain.

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