31 August 2009

Berry Cupcake (Café Nero)

I do like cupcakes, they have a fond place in my heart as they are so sweet, light and easy to eat. Obviously then when I saw that Café Nero had them as their new product, they soon made their way on to my tray!
I chose the berry variety, and I have to admit that this was because I assumed that the sponge would be chocolate. I figured that the ingredients would mingle and make a mini black forest gateaux style cupcake. As it happened the sponge was vanilla, which was disappointing at first, but it was still tasty, fluffy and full of flavour. Underneath the berries lays a lovely thick layer of butter cream, which balances the sharp flavour from the berries. The berries are quite zingy, but the sweetness from the rest of the cake given the whole cupcake a lovely mature taste. I still think a chocolate sponge would have been perfect though!

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