1 September 2009

Little’s Instant Swiss Chocolate Flavoured Coffee (Gardenland, Bridgnorth)

Several years I go I had a flavoured instant coffee from a different make, and found that it produced a drink that was unidentifiable as its suggested flavour, and tasted vaguely chemical. Many years have passed since then, and I thought I would give flavoured instant coffee another shot.
I made this drink and did the smell test, and thought that the drink had a good aroma of coffee and chocolate and it seemed rather appetising. In taste though I thought the drink was just a bitter coffee drink, with a hint of something vaguely chocolaty. I didn’t think the drink was unpleasant; it was just missing that indulgent magic that I hoped for. I have a theory though, as the coffee has ‘no added sugar’ and as I don’t add sugar to hot drinks, I don’t think the way I take my coffee gives this product much of a chance. I suspect those that add cream and the essential sweetness that is needed to enhance the taste may well have a much better experience than I did with this product. In fact if anyone reading this has tried these drinks with sugar let me know what you think.


Dreich said...

Whats the point in chocolate flavoured coffee? Wouldn't someone who wanted a hot chocolate flavoured drink pic hot chocolate?

cinabar said...

There is a whole market for Mocha, and those people that can't choose between hot chocolate and coffee! ;-)