28 September 2009

Nik Naks Pickle ‘N’ Onion (Sainsbury’s)

I would like to start with a brief moan about the name of this new flavour. I realise that it is a tradition that Nik Naks have an ‘N’ in the middle of their name, eg Nice ‘N’ Spicy, and that is fine. Sometimes though you have to accept that it isn’t going to work. These crisps are not pickle (e.g. Branstons) and onion flavoured, they are pickled onion flavoured, it even says so in the small print on the back! Therefore calling them Pickle ‘N’ Onion just doesn’t seem right.
Okay, I have that off my chest, so I can continue. Every time I have tried Nik Naks previously I have always been taken by the strength of the flavour, so I was expecting an almighty hit of taste. Curiously enough these were actually quite mild in taste, there is a hint of vinegar with a gentle onion flavour and the crisps are really really nice. I was surprised though that I could even taste the corn, as it is so unusual to be able to do that with Nik Naks. If you have never tried Nik Naks these would be a good place to start, they have a lovely texture from the corn that is both crunchy and fluffy, which I think works really well. There is an impressively well balanced flavour on this new addition to the Nik Naks range.

PS Many thanks to David H for alerting me to this new product. I really appreciate all the emails I receive tipping me off about new/interesting items, it all enables me to do my daily update. So thank you all!


Heidi said...

I tried these and was surprised at how mild the flavour was, but then I tried the nice n spicy flavuor and again I don't know if it's my taste buds but Nik Naks don't seem to be as flavoursome as they once were. Still nice though, I want to see more pickled onion flavour crisps around!

Paulh said...

These have been around in Scotland for about 18 months. They are the absolute dog's danglies.
Them and a Mars Dark.

cinabar said...

Heidi - I haven't had nice n spicy for years, but will give them another go just to see if they seem milder. I was expecting a stronger taste with these, but prefer them as they are.

Paulh - easily pleased! ;-)