16 September 2009

McCoy’s Sizzling King Prawn (WH Smiths)

Sitting neatly at the top left hand side of the packaging is a label stating “30% less saturated fat”. The label is visible enough, but I felt that it was still somewhat understated. They may not be overly drawing attention to it, but a healthier snack is always appreciated, providing the taste isn’t diminished.
This flavour is “Sizzling King Prawn” and I wasn’t sure what to expect in taste. I did feel that these could be compared to Prawn Cocktail flavour crisps, but without the sweetness that I would usually associate with that taste. There is however a rather nice spice with them, that I wasn’t expecting. These crisps are by no means hot, but the added spice tingle is a lovely addition. Other flavours which I think I picked up on include paprika and tomato.
These are good crisps, and I can assure you that the texture and crunch are full on. However, just for my own personal taste buds, I would have liked more of a sweetness to the flavour just to give them a bit more of an edge.

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