29 September 2009

Kit Kat Petit Strawberry (Cybercandy)

Well after writing about Kit Kat Ramune the other day, I pledged to bring you more flavours of Kit Kat which are hard to locate within this country. Next up is this mini tiny Strawberry version from Japan via Cybercandy. The Ramune Kit Kat was a mini Kit Kat, and this is a box full of tiny single sticks the same size, making them seem even smaller! They are really sweet to look at, and I think would make a lovely gift as they are so different.
There is no layer of strawberry inside this bar, but the chocolate coating smells sweet and fruity so that is where the flavour gets added. The taste isn’t as natural as it could be, but reminded me distinctly of strawberry milkshakes, as it has a creamy edge too. Strawberry and chocolate work really well together and I thought everything about this product was just lovely. I am enjoying tracking down all the different flavours available, and will be writing about other interesting Kit Kat varieties very soon!


Anonymous said...

I saw these yesterday on Cybercandy, popped them in my basket, and soon had to cull them from the list to make the total cost just a bit more bearable(restocked Japanese candy hits the wallet hard!). The ramune seemed just a tad more exciting to try - but it's nice to read a review of them to tempt me next time!

Rhianne said...

I loved the special edition orange kit kat they had a few years ago, I miss them!

cinabar said...

Poppet - The strawberry are nice, but the Ramune are particularly worth it as they are so different to any other Kit Kat I've tried.

Rhianne - They have a Sour Orange Kit Kat out in Japan at the minute - I'm trying to get my hands on one!