2 September 2009

Save Our Wildlife - KLIK Dispenser (Tesco)

Until I saw this I thought that Pez had the entire market for sweet dispensers, but it seems I was wrong. Not only is this a different manufacturer of dispenser, but this one also give 3% to charity, which I’m sure adds up! Sweets with a conscience.
Okay so the sweet themselves are as you would imagine very nice, with pleasant sweet tastes. They are made from a hard candy, and I thought are pretty much similar to Fizzers which I used to have as a kid. In fact I wonder if Fizzers would fit in these dispensers? Otherwise I wouldn’t be sure where to purchase re-fills, as I couldn’t see any sold separately. How great would a Parma Violets dispenser be? I will investigate this issue further, and let you all know if it works.
The dispenser itself is very neat. There is a lever at the top which you flick backwards and forwards to dispense sweets. My only issue with the mechanism was that when I was loading it, it didn’t click and stay open for me to put the sweets in. This meant that I had to stretch my fingers to keep the device open with one hand while attempting to load the sweets with the other, which was slightly more difficult than you might think! I do like the gadgetry over all though, once loaded it is nice watching the sweet rise before being pushed out. So assuming this works with generic sweets it gets the thumbs up!


Dreich said...

By fizzers do you mean refreshers? I hate parma voilets, I never liked the taste of them.

cinabar said...

By Fizzers I mean these:

I have changed my mind on Parma Violets over the years... at the minute I am in a liking them phase!

Dreich said...

Ah those, ah those are nice I forgot all about those.