21 September 2009

Terry’s Chocolate Orange – Volcanic Popping Candy (Sainsbury's)

It is lovely to see a new edition to the Terry’s Chocolate Orange range, as it was December 2008 when I last wrote about a new item from them. In fact last year we had the Mint, Hazelnut edition and the White Chocolate Snowball, the latter of which is also back on the shelves and was sitting next to this Popping Candy version.
So this edition looks and smells just like the regular Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange, except for the fact that the wrapper is a rather nice pink and purple colour. In taste the popping candy doesn’t change the expected sweet orange flavour, but there is an added crunch in the chocolate. After a couple of chews the magic crackling also begins, and the popping candy sets in. It lingers too, making crunching and snapping noises for a few moments after the chocolate is finished. This Chocolate Orange is a novelty, but a rather nice one that would be fun to share with friends.


Katie said...

OMG this is on the Christmas list already!

DavidH said...

Heh I can't wait 'til Xmas, where did you manage to get it from Cinabar?

cinabar said...

No need to wait, it was in Sainsbury's, but not in the chocolate/sweets isle, it was in the 'seasonal' isle!

DavidH said...

Picked one up in the Seasonal isle like you said, a lovely combination. As you said, it goes on popping seconds after the chocolate has gone. Needs to be eaten straight from the fridge in my opinion.

Wish it was the Dark chocolate version but hey you can't have everything, will certainly be buying again.

cinabar said...

A dark version would be lovely!

Anyone looking for these, I noticed they were also for sale in Debenhams near the tills. Not the first place I'd expect to find them, but worth a look if you are hunting.