10 September 2009

Chewy Lemonhead & Friends (Cybercandy)

The packaging on these sweets is bright and colourful, and they are in a box about the same size as Poppets. The packaging doesn’t hint that that these sweets are actually sour sweets in disguise, but I can assure you that they are!

The colours in the box are:

Green – apple, and it has a lovely bitey sour taste
Black – grape, which was surprisingly tart and very different (I was expecting blackcurrant)
Red – cherry, which was a full flavour with a seriously good tang
Orange – orange, still sour, but not as strong as the others
Yellow – lemon, not very sweet but with a lovely kick

There is no mistaking the fact these sweets do give a lovely blast of sour, and they each had really good flavour. One thing I noted is that they are called ‘chewy’ on the box, but I didn’t think that there were very chewy at all, as the dissolve fairly quickly after a few bites. I have to say all these sweets were fantastic! I loved the grape the most, but perhaps that is because we don’t get many grape flavoured sweets here in the UK.

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