15 September 2009

Shigekix Super Lemon Sweets (Mount Fuji, Birmingham)

I realise I wrote about the sour sweets Lemonheads last week, well since then I have found some more sour sweets, and I think these may well be in a league of their own! They are also lemon in flavour, just about, but they make your face turn into the image on the front of the packaging!
I thought I would take you through the taste using a time scale so as to describe my thoughts throughout the experience.
  • 0 to 1 seconds: Wow!!! Oh boy! Why would they make a ‘sweet’ that sharp. Can lemon burn? It is ridiculously sour, and causes me to have to fight an involuntary reaction to spit it out.
  • 2 to 3 seconds: Oh my word that is sour, zingy, and tastes like a really nasty lemon flavoured acid.
  • 4 to 5 seconds: Still a very sharp flavour, but notable more lemon in taste, and like lemon rind dipped in extra strong lemon juice.
  • 6 to 10 seconds: Settles to an acceptable zingy lemon flavour.
  • 11+ seconds: It actually becomes quite a sweet lemon flavoured chew, and is very pleasant.
  • After the sweet is finished: There is a nice sweet lemon taste in the mouth, and the memory of the initial hit has gone. Accidentally reach for another sweet and repeat cycle above.
If you find these hidden away in an import store, or have tried them before, I’d love to know what you thought.


Dreich said...

I'd love to give these a try, so will be looking out for them from now on. I enjoy sour things and I'm usually disappointed with sweets that are described as sour being rather bland. It's a shame they're only in lemon flavour since I much prefer the taste of limes. Other than that the packaging looks rather good.

Anonymous said...

WOW, these sound too strong for me, i search for Mount Fuji, Birmingham on google & came up with their website, where you can buy these, although i guess they have different pictures on different packets.

The website is www.mountfuji.co.uk these are under Food Shop:Confectionery:Japanese POCKY & Chocolates

They are quite near the bottom & this is their description:

Intense LEMON !

At the start the flavour is VERY intense ! It WILL wake you up !
After 30 seconds it calms down and is mellow
(While writing this I have had the blast of lemon that will screw your face up but now ok..)
Addicted now.......ready for the next one......hanging onto the desk, here goes...

cinabar said...

Dreich - these are by no means bland, but they do settle nicely.

Anon - Apparently they do Super Grape too.. if they get some of those in the Birmingham shop I will give them a try.