24 September 2009

Pringles Xtreme Take Away Smokin Ribs (WH Smiths)

These Pringles have come out in the same range as the Chilli Sauce pack I wrote about earlier in the week. These are quite different though, as instead of having the full heat rating on the pack, these only reach two flames on the scale. Roughly translated by my taste buds this equates to almost no heat at all.
Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the crisps, and all the depth there is in the flavour, from sweetness through to a salty smoky edge. There was also warmth from what I felt was tomato, paprika and even Worcester sauce. There was however no more heat than that which you would expect from a pinch of paprika. Lovely crisps, but I’m not sure how they qualify as ‘Xtreme’.


DavidH said...

I tried these a while ago (from Asda's) and they are indeed lovely, thought the flavour was spot on and didn't need to be any hotter really. Got through about three tubes in a week they were that nice. Pleased to say I am over my addiction now though!

cinabar said...

Three tubes a week?? I bow down to your superior Pringle eating skills.