17 September 2009

100* Cheese Curlies (WH Smiths)

This is from the range I wrote a little while ago called ‘100*’, and they sell snack items with exactly 100 calories. I was impressed by the size of the bag, as I thought if you were trying to keep a crisp style snack down to so few calories, it would be tiny. There seemed to be lots in this lovely big bag though.
The snack itself is reminiscent of Cheesy Wotsits. The flavour isn’t anywhere near as strong as those, and I thought there was just a hint more salt in this snack. The texture was fairly good, they were light, crunchy and melted nicely. However I did think they were a little drier on the palette than I would have liked. Given the low calories, nice flavour and the lovely big bag this snack is a guilt free treat.

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