27 September 2009

Kellogg’s Special K Chocolatey Pretzel (Cybercandy)

I guess this was a bit of strange find in Cybercandy. I usually associate the shop with sweets and chocolates, not cereal bars particularly, but I just couldn’t resist. I do like my cereal bars and tend to have them as a quick breakfast at work, so couldn’t resist these when I saw as they are such an unusual flavour.
The bars do have a fair bit of pretzel distributed on top of them visually, but I’d be lying if I said I thought they contributed very much to the flavour. They did add some though and they added crunchiness to the texture too which was nice. Having said that, these bars did taste different to regular Special K bars, notably I thought they tasted nutty, despite there being no obvious signs. I liked them as I could taste what I thought was peanut and toffee with my chocolate, and as those are flavour I just love, I really enjoyed the bars!


  1. Oh I should point these out to my gf, she loves chocolate pretzels, in fact she may be an addict.

  2. I saw loads loads of chocolate pretzels in Cybercandy... I may have to go back and get some to try!

  3. The Nestle ones they sell are amazing. :)

    Nestle used to sell them everywhere here, but they stopped a few years ago. I wish they'd come back! I loved them.

  4. Which Nestle ones do you mean? It would be interesting to try and track some down.

  5. They're called Nestle Pretzel Flipz.
    They're in a shiny blue packet. You should be able to get them from the store, but I ordered mine from their site.

    The Milk Chocolate ones are the best in my opinion, but the White Fudge ones are really nice too. :)

  6. Sorry Rach I didn't realise that Flipz were Nestle, next time I'm in cybercandy I will purchase some to try!


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