26 September 2009

Kit Kat Ramune [Blue] (Cybercandy)

Some of you may have noticed my feelings on Kit Kat and their lack of interesting flavour here in the UK, well I think all the cool flavours are in Japan. Some of you may also remember the post I made back in January about the Japanese Ramune soft drink, which is a popular brand of a lemonade style pop. Well this Kit Kat is Ramune flavoured. Not only that, the Kit Kat itself is slightly blue in colour. Oh my. Thank you Cybercandy for bringing these lovely items to us here in the UK; where we have ‘Caramel’ as our most adventurous flavour.
Anyway, did I mention this Kit Kat is blue??? It is a little off putting, but only for a second or so! Essentially it is a white chocolate Kit Kat though, with a delicate hint of blue, and flavoured with Ramune, i.e. there is a sweet lemon and bubblegum flavour mixed in. Despite the potential I didn’t think it was at all sickly, but then I have an impressively sweet tooth! In fact the Ramune flavour is quite sweet but still very refreshing, which makes the whole bar work. I absolutely loved this mini Kit Kat and humbly ask Nestle to release some more interesting flavours for us to try in Britain. In the meantime though, I intended to do a little research and see what Japanese Kit Kats I can get my hands on. Watch this space for my finds!


NLi10 said...

I'll have to visit Cyber Candy - still never been in! Bet they know you well now... :)

This one sounds nice too - will pick one up when I go in.

Dreich said...

As much as I love blue, it's a weird colour for chocolate and from the picture it looks plastic.

I do agree that we need more exciting flavours though.

Paulh said...

Don't expect any new interesting flavours some time soon. They had their fingers badly burned a few years ago when theu pursued ltd editions. Remember the soft caramel and the runny orange chunky ones?

NLi10 said...

Went to CK today - and I got one! (found them on the counter eventually...)

First impressions, it smells odd. As you say it's those bubblegum drinks that were popular some years back. The choc is an odd sea blue, not what i expected.

Taste wise its really nice but sweet enough that you wouldn't want a full size bar. Has an unusual aftertaste which reminds me of other Asian sweets I've had. Can't quite place it.

Overall nice flavours but not a compulsive re-buy.

cinabar said...

Dreich - it is a bit odd being blue... but I assure you it was very edible! ;-)

Paulh - I do remember the runny orange ones, they were good. Do people in Britain just not like different flavoured bars then? Because they obviously work in other countries. Some of the flavours I have tracked down of Japanese Kit Kats are ace... they will be on the site very soon!

cinabar said...

NLi10 - So pleased to hear you went to Cybercandy. I just loved the shop, but it is so hard to know what to choose! The Ramune Kit Kat is one for those with a sweet tooth... but I liked it!

Katie said...

Ok just eaten my Blue kit kat! The being blue didnt bother me. This had a real bubblegummy flavour which Im not sure about but the fizzy lemonade flavour in the middle was lovely! Thanks for letting me try this!

cinabar said...

Katie - no probs... they are definitely one of the stranger choccies I've written about!