6 September 2009

Green & Black's Organic Creamy Milk Chocolate (Sainsbury’s)

I was talking to someone today who said that one of the things that they love is putting chocolate in the fridge, as they like the sharp snap of hard cold chocolate. This particular bar of chocolate is not for them. This bar is an extra creamy, softer edition of Green & Blacks Milk Chocolate.
It seems strange to me that a company that already has a milk chocolate bar available would release a milk chocolate ‘creamy’ edition; I can’t help but think that there should be more differentiation between their products.
The chocolate itself is fairly soft to eat, and biting into the chunks is no effort at all. The flavour is very sweet and creamy, with a slight vanilla or honey edge. Honey isn’t listed in the ingredients and this really surprised me as I was so sure I could pick up on the taste. Personally I felt that as the bar is so creamy, the chocolate flavour isn’t as well defined as it could be, and I would prefer a bit more cocoa in the mix.

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