23 September 2009

Warheads Extreme Sour (Cybercandy)

These sweets were recommended by my boss at work, who felt that if I thought Shigekix Super Lemon Sweets were sour then I hadn’t really experienced sour. He was right; these things are in a different league! Inside the box are five flavours of sour sweets, all individually wrapped and just waiting to be tried.
The initial sting of each of these was about the same, it involved around thirty seconds of mad intense flavour that made my jaw hurt. That last sentence does not do the strength of these things justice, these things are seriously strong! They blaze. They zing. They are the sourest sweets available in Cybercandy (I checked). These are not for amateurs.

An account of the flavours, thirty seconds after eating.
  • Blue Raspberry – Not dissimilar to Slush Puppy Raspberry
  • Black Cherry –Surprisingly sweet mellow cherry, after a hefty kick of sour
  • Apple – A bit disappointed with the apple taste, natural, but far too light.
  • Watermelon – This was nice, the least sour and a lovely refreshing natural taste, we need more watermelon flavoured sweets!
  • Lemon – Pleasant sweet lemon taste, but again needed a stronger fuller aftertaste.
What I noticed was that my jaw hurt slightly after trying them all. I think it was the muscle strain in my mouth where part of me was trying to ‘cope’ with the sweet and part of me was trying to escape! It was like my jaw was trying to retract backwards and slyly run away from the ‘sweet’ in my mouth! The back of my throat also burned a little by the end of the exercise. Having said that, if you can stick with each sweet, after around thirty seconds the flavour subsides and the sweet becomes perfectly acceptable. Keep a clock near, and notice just how long that thirty seconds feels! Just so you know where to start, the watermelon had the mildest sour taste, and the cherry the strongest. I would also like some credit readers for the fact that I tried every flavour on your behalves, I’m such a professional! ;-)


Unknown said...
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Mike R said...

These Warheads are lovely! It's a shame that 30s hit doesn't last for the entire sweet.

cinabar said...

Laura - I will look out for the Toxic Waste Candy, think I've seen them in Selfridges. I'll pop in at the weekend.

Mike - I'll let you know how I get on with the Toxic Waste Candy, but 30seconds worth of sour is really just right for me!