5 September 2009

McVities Mini Croissants [Strawberry] (WH Smiths)

I was a little bit wary of trying these as Lottie warned me that they were very sweet! The packet states that they can be enjoyed hot, and I was going to give that a go. When I read further though it suggested warming them in a pre-heated oven. I was grabbing them to try during an ad break, and couldn’t quite be bothered to pre-heat the oven etc, I just assumed they would microwave. Never underestimate the laziness of a snacker!
Anyway, as it turns out the strawberry jam is rather sweet and not very subtle. However the pastry around them isn’t that sweet, so does balance it out, but I do understand what Lottie means. I definitely preferred the chocolate variety over all, but as I said before I can’t help thinking the whole pastry should have a bit more of a rich buttery taste.

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lottie said...

On reflection I think I found these a little gross because it was early and I was basically still asleep. They seemed a sound breakfast option at the time. Alas for me, too sweet and too piddley in size.
I get a vibe these haven't been a success in general. I keep seeing stacks reduced in supermarkets.