9 September 2009

The Chocolate Society – Good Afternoon (Sainsbury’s)

Chocolate bars are often called strange things and this bar has a curious name too. It has been released amid a selection of bars designed for different times of the day. Chocolate designed for afternoon eating is really fair enough, but there is also a bar called ‘Good Morning’ which is a milk chocolate bar that goes well with fruit juice. Breakfast chocolate is a bit of a niche market, but I suppose there aren’t actually any rules for when you eat it!
This chocolate is a dark and rich 66% cocoa bar. The smell is surprisingly sharp, and I was worried that the taste would be too. However the flavour although strong and dark, is nicely balanced with sweetness. I loved the texture when it melted in the mouth as it was lovely and smooth. It is a full flavour bar that has a well defined taste. I have to confess I tried this with my afternoon coffee, and it did indeed go well with that, so perhaps the name isn’t so strange after all!


Anonymous said...

haha that's good, although i'm not a fan of dark chocolate.

They have 4 bars i found on their website - www.chocolate.co.uk

Good Day - Our Milk Chocolate is comforting, velvety and uniquely long, it is delicious at any time of the day.

Good Morning - Our Morning Chocolate is brisk, bright and tangy. It is delicious with milky coffee, tea and fresh fruit juices.

Good Afternoon - Our Afternoon Chocolate is smooth, rich and mellow. It is delicious with coffee, hot chocolate and light-bodied wines.

Good Evening - Our Evening Chocolate is elegant, sophisticated and satisfying. It is delicious with espresso, tisanes and dessert wines.

Unknown said...

What a splendid name for a chocolate bar! I will seek this one out myself!