14 September 2009

Daim [Dime Pieces, Sweden] (IKEA)

It strikes me that Daim (Dime) are far more popular abroad than they are here in the UK. I put this realisation down to the fact that Daim seems to come in all different formats in foreign countries, from being a guest filling in Milka bars in Germany, through to Daim cake and these Daim pieces being available in Sweden, and therefore of course IKEA here in the UK!
Well this is yet another review of a product in a sharing bag, which seems to be the ‘2009’ way of producing products. I do have to say I was a little disappointed that the bag wasn’t re-sealable though. The pieces of Daim were far smaller than I first imagined, and compared to the way they look on the packaging. They actually ranged in size from 5mm to over 1cm and as such were tiny compared to what I was expecting. However this made for a good proportion of the combination of flavours, as you get quite a bit of chocolate in the surface area. These are the kind of choccies which you have a few of at once, and they crunch rather pleasingly as you munch! The Daim flavour (i.e. nut brittle / cracknel) is all present and correct with its nice nutty, toffee, honey flavour and they chocolate is spot on too. A lovely snack, it just needs a nicer bag that lets you seal them after you have eaten a portion. Otherwise (oh no) you’d feel obliged to finish the pack in one sitting, as they are quite dangerous when left in the bag, as it doesn’t even stand upright!

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