25 September 2009

Jacob's Crack 'O' Bites (WH Smiths)

Having tried and enjoyed the Barbecue crackers fairly recently, I have kept my eyes open for other flavours in the range. I'm pleased to say I have found both the Cheese and Sour Cream & Chive varieties.
The Cheese flavour had a good strong taste, but I felt the cheese tasted a little musty. They were by no means bad, and I enjoyed the bag, but I thought they were missing that bit of magic moreishness. The flavour was good, but needed o be a little sharper. They didn't live up to how good I felt they could be after tasting the Barbecue variety.
The Sour Cream & Chive ones were absolutely lovely. A really nice creamy but zingy onion chive flavour and a good strong taste too. These were moreish and I thoroughly recommended them.
All the packs in this range are baked not fried too, and actually stand up to regular crisps impressively well. The texture is crunchy, but light and I could very easily get used to that. Tasty healthier snacks are always nice to see, I wonder if these will catch on?

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