20 September 2009

Pringles Xtreme Flamin’ Chilli Sauce (WH Smiths)

I was recommended these Pringles by someone who hasn’t tried Nando’s Hot crisps, but reckoned these were some of the hottest crisps on the market. The packet has a heat-o-meter on the side, and these are at the level requiring a fire extinguisher, which is at the top of the scale!
These crisps have the wonderful Pringles moreishness and goodness, and a decent kick of chilli too. The majority of chilli crisps on the market are disappointing, but I can’t complain at these as they have a lovely heat about them, and leave your mouth tingling. There is also an aftertaste of garlic and onion and they are seriously nice!
The heat in these may put some people off, but they are by no means as hot as Nando’s Hot crisps. I recommended that the person that suggested try these, try Nandos and let me know what they think. However, if you want something with a really good chilli heat but find Nando’s a bit over powering, these are well worth a purchase!


Mike R said...

I loved these crisps. My tastebuds must be broken as I found these hotter than the Nandos Hot crisps. They gave me a tingle and the Nandos just didn't. Is it just me?

cinabar said...

Yes it is just you. ;-)