19 September 2009

Sarotti Coconut Cream Bar [Coco Creme] (Germany)

This is another of the lovely chocolate bars which my dad bought back from Germany for me. It does strike me that there are so many nice and interesting bars available abroad that it is a shame that they aren’t more accessible here in the UK.
This bar consists of a milk chocolate with a coconut filling. The chocolate is surprisingly British in flavour, as it is sweet and creamy and not that dissimilar to the likes of Dairy Milk. The filling couldn’t be more different to a Bounty though, which was what I had been expecting. The contents is a cream, like a very light mousse, and almost liquid in its consistency. Within the cream are flakes of coconut too, which add nicely to the texture. I really liked this bar, it is a rich but creamy treat that was thoroughly enjoyable.

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