11 September 2009

Jacob's Crack 'O' Bites - Barbecue (WH Smiths)

This product consists of mini Jacobs crackers with a barbecue flavour seasoning. I approve of the name as I find Crack 'O' Bites surprisingly pleasing to say! It was nice to see that the calories in this snack product are reasonably low, and I put this down to them being baked rather than fried.
The seasoning is really nice; the barbecue flavour seems to mingle tomato, paprika and herbs and has a sweet aftertaste.
It has well put together flavours that are lovely and moreish. I have to admit, before tucking in, the idea of crackers in a snack like this worried me. I thought that they might just be a little stodgy, thankfully I was wrong. These are light and easy to eat, yet surprisingly filling. All in all these will definitely be making their way back into my lunch box again in the future!


sarah said...

i tried the cheese one of those today, really nice

DavidH said...

The BBQ ones do look very nice, such a shame all my local Smiths are useless for new snack/sweet releases. Sure they'll turn up in a supermarket etc soon.

cinabar said...

I will try and find a pack of the cheese variety, I would like to give those a try as I thought these ones were so nice.

The WH Smiths near where I work seems very good at stocking new stuff. Its not that big a branch, but it seems to be even better than the main branch in the town centre!