7 August 2009

Haagen-Dazs Cherries and Cream Ice-Cream (Sainsbury’s)

I am still running with the theory that even though it isn't sunny, it doesn’t mean I can’t eat summery foods. So I decided to invest in a couple of ice creams I hadn’t tried before . Firstly I purchased this new limited edition cherry ice cream from Haagen-Daz, and I also purchased some Kelly’s clotted cream as I saw it advertised on TV. The Kelly’s write-up will follow very shortly.
The Haagen-Daz Cherries and Cream variety is a wonderful rich pink in colour with lovely pieces of dark cherry mixed in that looked very appetising. The flavour is lovely and rich and fruity but with a creamy aftertaste. The ice cream is thick when it melts and the texture is quite sumptuous. The pieces of cherry add freshness and add to the overall juicy taste. I really enjoyed this ice cream, and felt that such a lovely fruity flavour is perfect for the summer. A really luxurious treat!


Jeanna said...

Now you're talking. I get such cravings for cherry ice cream. Hagen Das or Ben & Jerry's, which do you prefer?

Emily said...

My other half would love this flavour.. I might even indulge in a spoon of it myself, if there is any left!

cinabar said...

Jeanna - Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, as it has dark chocolate in it too!!! mmmmm

Emily - my other half hates cherries (which is mad) but means more for me! ;-)

cinabar said...

I just checked the American site for Ben and Jerries and discovered that Cherry Garcia in the States has fudge not dark chocolate in it :-O