27 August 2009

Butterkist Light Toffee Popcorn (WH Smiths)

I have definitely been told before now that popcorn is actually a healthy snack, after all it is mainly vegetable matter. I suppose this is why items like Snack A Jacks have a popped corn base for their products. It seems a nice idea then that Butterkist make a light version of their toffee coated popcorn too. We always tend to buy Butterkist if getting popcorn, as I am banned from the microwave variety... (don’t ask)!
I was really pleased to find that this popcorn is still lovely and sweet and still has a good generous coating of ‘light toffee’. The flavour perhaps isn’t as strongly toffee as regular Butterkist, but still gives a good sweet flavour and is very tasty. The coating even makes the popcorn have that Butterkist crunch which I really like. I am all for a healthy snack product, particularly when they taste as good as this one!


Dreich said...

I can't believe popcorn is that healthy. I love toffee popcorn, it's just too addictive and too easy to eat a large bag without meaning to. I used to make my own popcorn and toffee and it'd all clump together in a massive toffee popcorn ball.

cinabar said...

Well it is quite healthy until the extra toffee gets added! ;-)

My popcorn making efforts have never gone well... one little fire, and everyone gets all jumpy when I suggest trying again...