8 August 2009

Voodooo – Rocky Road [Australia] (Cybercandy)

Okay, another of my finds from Cybercandy. This bar is an Australian bar called Voodooo (correctly spelt with three ‘o’s at the end of the word)! My first thought of this bar was just how big and chunky it is. You can’t tell from the photograph but the bar is al least one and a half times as thick as a Mars bar.
The bar is mostly milk chocolate, but with all sorts of goodies mixed in. I found peanuts, biscuit bits, red jelly and something that looked like a marsh mallow but with a very firm texture. I loved the wonderful mix of variety within this bar, and that each mouthful differed from the last. All the ingredients went well with the chocolate and it was quite a treat. As it is so big it does make the bar feel somewhat naughty, and requires a substantial chocolate craving!


Anonymous said...

wow totally agree....this is one of the nicest chocy bars I have eaten in a long while. Have you tried the Cookies and Cream Voodooo bar....it is simply divine.

cinabar said...

I will have to see if CyberCandy stock it - sounds ace!