12 August 2009

CoFresh Mint Chutney Potato Crinkles (Lidl)

These crisps are a potato snack, presented in a crinkle cut format. They are quite light, thicker than a regular crisp and have a really good crunch. They also have a fantastic taste too. There is nothing subtle about the flavour, they are quite intense crisps and they just fill your mouth with an amazing taste. It is actually quite difficult to describe the flavour and I think it has three layers. Firstly there is a sweet and spicy taste, secondly following on from the spices is heat from chilli that leaves a decent burn and finally there is a refreshing cucumber taste. As the texture is so light, it makes them easy to eat and rather moreish.
I thought the taste sensation was fantastic, and absolutely loved these crisps. They are the sort of thing that would be perfect served with a dip too. Very different and very nice, a surprisingly sophisticated snack!


DavidH said...

I'm a big Cofresh fan, love their Chilli Rings & Chilli & Lemon crisps. Costcutter is the only place to stock them locally to me (Essex). They do loads of snacks and cooking sauces etc


cinabar said...

I will keep an eye out for other Cofresh goodies... these were lovely.