5 August 2009

Jack Daniel’s [Quality Tennessee Style] Barbecue Sauce – Full Flavor Smokey

I think I have been waiting for some sunshine for long enough. I have a lovely selection of barbecue sauce just begging to be used on a hot summer’s day but the weather doesn’t seem to brighten up. However I do have a grill, and as such decided to crack open this Jack Daniels sauce for grilled kebabs instead.
And what a treat they were! I basted the sauce over meatballs, mushrooms and peppers, and served with potato wedges, and a further dollop of sauce. They were absolutely lovely. The sauce had a lovely sweet, vinegary, tomato base with a lovely hit of smokiness mixed in and was perfect with these ingredients. It was lovely to dip the wedges in too. It made a great dinner that was quick and easy and tasted wonderfully summery despite the rain! I do hope the next time I get to try it out it is on a barbecue on a lovely warm day!


Unknown said...

Hmmm I really wasn't sure about this stuff when I tried it. It was just a little runny and liquidy for me. I prefer my condiments to be a tad thicker. Nice review though :)


cinabar said...

Works really well as sauce for basting, I really enjoyed it.
From some of the other feedback I've had via Email/Twitter there do seem to be mixed thoughts on this one though.