23 August 2009

Walkers Jamaican Jerk Chicken [New Limited Edition] (Sainsbury’s)

I always love a new flavour from Walkers, and one which sounds like it should have a bit of spice is certainly a good find. First of all I performed the smell test, and was slightly confused to note that they smelt a lot like ‘Roast Beef’ crisps, which I wasn’t expecting.
I can assure you that in taste though, the ‘Roast Beef’ likenesses had vanished. These crisps do have a complex flavour, which included roast chicken, a citrus taste something like lemon and lime, ginger and good hint of chilli. These are by no means the hottest crisps I have tried, but I did think their heat rating was slightly more than I would expect from a bag of Walkers! Absolutely moreish crisps, with a lovely new interesting flavour – and I can’t emphasis just how much I prefer them to ‘Builder’s Breakfast’!

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DavidH said...

Grabbed some of these today, lovely flavour and very moreish, hope they stay on the shelves for a while yet. Boo to Walkers for selling out to a exclusive supermarket deal though.