17 August 2009

Eve’s Puddings (Waitrose)

This is one of those desserts that you heat in the microwave in order to turn it into a hot sponge. The concept is simple, and it doesn’t take much in the way of culinary skills to make. However one of the things that struck me was just how annoying this item was to open. The microwaving part is easy, but the packaging was driving me mad! It comes in a plastic container with a piece of clear cellophane type material that you have to peel off. Well I fought to peel it off, and after a lot messing about it appeared to come off. Only it didn’t completely come off, it split, and left a thinner covering of plastic still sealing the pot. After a fight, and then using a knife, I opened it. I tried to open the second pot, but the exact same thing happened, it was rather frustrating. I hate resorting to a knife to get the plastic off, as I am always convinced I will leave fragments of plastic covering in the pudding, and it makes me eat rather cautiously.
That annoyance aside, let me tell you about the dessert. The sponge was seriously good. It was moist and possibly the most flavoursome of all the microwave sponges I have tried. The apple topping was a lovely addition, again with a good flavour adding sweetness and a fresh taste to the mix. A really good quality dessert, just a shame the packaging annoyed me so much!

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