26 August 2009

Domoooo Attack [Domo] Energy Drink (Cybercandy)

In case you don’t already know, Domo is a popular Japanese TV character, with his own TV show, t-shirts and all sorts of branded items, including of course this energy drink! As you can see I am a Domo fan and even own a Domo plushie. :-)
I decided to drink this after a long day at work, when I was very tired but Spectre still wanted to watch a film (Master and Commander).
As far as I could see there wasn’t much of an explanation as to what the flavour might be on the can, so in anticipation I noticed that it had a lovely berry smell. The taste was also very fruity; there was berries, cherry and bubble gum in the mix. It was quite syrupy and rather sharp but the flavour really grew on me. After each sip, even a few seconds later there was still a strange sweet flavour left lingering on the tongue. Once I had acclimatised to the sweetness of the drink I really enjoyed it, and it gave me the boost to make it all the way through the film!

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