23 September 2021

Boddington's Berries - The Blackberry Conserve (@NLi10)

 It's very hard to do some flavours of Jam justice.  Take the Blueberry Jams we looked at a while ago for example - the real thing just has more flavour.

All Blackberry things have to compare to the Black Current cordials like Ribena in my head - even though they aren't really that similar.

While at Screech Owl Sanctuary in Cornwall (amazing place if you are nearby) I spotted this in the gift shop for my lunches.  A lovely, locally made, Boddington's Berries Blackberry Conserve.

They have a website - and I'm pretty sure we drove past them at some point!

And it's amazingly rich, and really high quality jam!  It went really well with crumpets, and is something I'm certainly looking forwards to eating more of. The flavour was deep and fruity - this wasn't your sugar only store jam.

A great souvenir from our time at Screech that will hopefully last well into Autumn.

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